Cosplay Contest entry form

Are you interested in being a part of the cosplay contest? Please submit the information below to register. There is no entry fee, but there are some really cool prizes! So get to work making the best costume you can! Entries will be accepted up to April 23, 2020. After that, you will have to sign up in person at the event. Any questions on costume rules, please refer to our cosplay section. Note: All entrants MUST have a ticket to iMagicon to participate. Buy your tickets now.



• Adult Role Play Contest (bought and handcrafted costumes allowed - Judging based on performance).

• Junior Role Play and Handcrafted Cosplay Contest (bought and handcrafted costumes allowed in role play)

• Individual Handcrafted Contest

• Group Handcrafted Contest


One entry per person per contest (cannot compete with two outfits in same contest); no entries will be allowed the day of the event.