Bob Hall
Marvel Comics Artist
Bob Hall had a long association with Marvel Comics, where at one time or another he drew most of the major books and characters such as The Champions, Spiderman, Dr. Doom, Conan, Thor, The Fantastic Four, The Submariner, Captain America, PSI Force, The Avengers and The New Mutants. He was the artist for the West Coast Avengers mini-series and was the primary artist on the original Squadron Supreme. He drew movie adaptations of Willow, Dark Man and the notorious first Captain America movie as well as pencils and inks for the graphic novel, Emperor Doom. Bob was an editor at Marvel in 1979. For Valiant he wrote and penciled the monthly series Shadowman, wrote Timewalker and then created Armed and Dangerous, a black and white “comicbook-noir” series. For DC he wrote and drew the Batman graphic novel projects, Batman DOA, I Joker and It’s Jokertime. In 2017, he wrote and drew an educational fantasy about the measles virus for the University of Nebraska called Carnival of Contagion. He just finished drawing a ten page comic, Phantom Flight  for the rock group, Sound of Thunder and  drawing two variant covers for Valiant.  He is currently developing a comic/story book for Bryan College of Health Sciences. His work can be seen at 

David Barclay
Master Puppeteer & Animatronic Designer/Supervisor
A second generation puppeteer, David Barclay was hired by Lucasfilm and Stuart Freeborn to work on "The Empire Strikes Back" as part of the Yoda build crew. While on set, one of the assistants to Frank Oz, the chief puppeteer for Yoda, became ill and David was selected to replace her. In doing so, he started a career as one of the most sought after puppeteers in both Hollywood and England. Not only did David get to assist Frank Oz on Yoda, but he also received the opportunity to fully operate the Yoda puppet for a week when Frank was forced to return to his work on "Sesame Street" and Frank nominated David to take over as chief puppeteer. His many accomplishments on "The Empire Strikes Back" were not forgotten as he was chosen to be chief puppeteer for the most disgusting creature in the "Star Wars" universe, the galactic gangster Jabba the Hutt in "Return of the Jedi". David's work in these two memorable films lead to a further collaboration with Frank Oz in "Labyrinth", "The Dark Crystal", and "Little Shop of Horrors". His growing resume enabled David to garner a coveted position as chief puppeteer for the Amblin film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". He became Academy Award Finalist for his work on "Cats and Dogs" and has worked on dozens of films including "Muppet Christmas Carol", "Lost in Space", "The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas", "Snow Dogs", "Stuart Little 2", "Team America", "Looney Tunes Back in Action",  "Cats and Dogs 2", "The Muppets", "Muppets Most Wanted" and "Where The Wild Things Are".

Jem Kadetchy
Professional Cosplayer & Costume Maker

Jem Kadetchy is an award-winning cosplayer based in Minneapolis, MN that has made both award winning cosplays for himself and as commissions for others! Jem is a very knowledgeable prop and costume maker with over 10 years of experience working with tons of materials such as eva foam, warbla, 3d printing, resin casting, fiberglass. As well as a background in mechanical/electrical/Robotic engineering. Every one of Jem's cosplays blends materials together to try to achieve the most accurate representations of the characters by using computer generated templates based off the games original files!  Jem got into building cosplays at the age of 13, inspired by YouTube videos of Halo cosplayers in the Dragoncon parades! Spending many years researching and trying new things with the help of friends and the 405th Halo Costuming community/forum, his adventure in cosplay began! Through the years Jem made 8 separate versions of his Hunter from Bungie's Destiny game, until he was finally satisfied with his abilities in crafting cosplays. From there he went on to build many more armors from other games and media such as his Spartan from Halo, Genji from Overwatch, Destiny's Cayde 6 and many more! He has also done several cosplay commissions ranging from finished 3d printed props and cosplay accessories to entire cosplays!  While Jem Kadetchy has been cosplaying for 6 years, he currently has 3 award winning cosplays! Jem's Overwatch Genji cosplay, has won 1st place at Marz con and Voters choice 1st place at 2D Con, both in 2018! While Genji is currently Jem's newest cosplay, his Iron Regalia Hunter from Destiny has won 1st place in the cosplay contest at Fan Fest in 2017 and Jem's custom Destiny Hunter cosplay commission won Most Creative Cosplay at JaFax 2017! Jem Kadetchy has also been a featured guest hosting several panels at conventions. Each providing informative tips and tricks for cosplay crafting and panels on how to get into cosplay! Jem Kadetchy's working diligently to reach his goal of being able to build commissions full time and to teach others how to make their dream cosplays come to life. To inspire and encourage many more into jumping into the art of making costumes. 

BBDesign Cosplay
Professional Cosplayer

Brittney, known as BBDesign in the community, started her cosplay journey in 2004 and never looked back. No mom and dad, she never grew out of it. BBDesign has competed in over a dozen cosplay competitions winning multiple Best in Show and Master Craftsmanship Awards. She has traveled to different conventions across the US and has been nationally published in articles about building confidence through cosplay. Her home will always be the Upper Midwest, but she loves traveling and meeting new people through cosplay and conventions. BBDesign is also a Master Instructor as a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a multi-national gold medalist in competitive sparring and represented the US Team at Karate World Championship in 2015.