Eliot Rahal 

Valiant Comic Book Writer, live via Skype!

Eliot is a writer who's recent work for Valiant Entertainment includes a Divinity III Stalinverse tie-in book "Escape From Gulag 396", an upcoming Bloodshot book; as well as projects at Dark Horse and others.

Michael Sellers

Producer, Editor, live via Skype!

Michael Sellers is a producer and editor in New York City. He was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Editing" and has contributed his editing talents to over 200 episodes of popular television programming. In the last few years Michael started shifting his attention to producing and directing. He created and produced the Man Fire Food series for Food Network and produced the independent feature film Sabbatical starring Robert Longstreet (Take Shelter, Ain't Them Bodies Saints) and Thomas Jay Ryan (Henry Fool, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). Michael is currently working on a World War II documentary about infamous 93rd Bomb Group, narrated by actor Michael Cudlitz (Band of Brothers, The Walking Dead.)

Rafer Roberts

Valiant writer, live via Skype!

 Rafer Roberts has been working in the comics industry for over 15 years and still hasn’t figured anything out. His creator owned work includes the long running Plastic Farm, Nightmare the Rat, and the Tumblr famous Thanos and Darkseid: Carpool Buddies of Doom which he co-created with the much more talented Justin Jordan; and which has created a loyal and bloodthirsty fan base to everyone’s surprise. Rafer’s mainstream comics work includes the writing duties on A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong and Harbinger: Renegade for Valiant Comics. His work on X-O Manowar #38 received two Harvey Award nominations for the Special Award for Humor in Comics and Best Cartoonist, which made his father very proud. He currently lives in the wilds of Western Maryland, far from everything


Original car from Batman TV series

Clint Young has been an Adam West Batman look-a-like since the mid 1980s and has appeared all over the United States and Canada with all the original TV series Batmobiles. He is also a professional television & movie prop maker in the industry and has done some acting and modeling as well. Clint purchased his Batmobile from a museum in California and spent 4 years restoring it back to the way it looked on the Batman tv series. Its accurate right down to the last detail and it even shoots flames out of the turbine. It's also the only Batmobile in the world that has been ridden in and signed by both Adam West and Evel Knievel. Clint can honestly say he has the only Batmobile on Earth that has been autographed by "Adam + Eve--L". Plus, Evel's son Robbie Knievel jumped over it at one of his shows and signed it as well. Don't miss your chance to come and see the most famous car in the world! You can even SIT IN IT and take photos. 

Jeff Peters

Gaming Industry Expert, live via Skype!

Jeff is a 25+ year game industry veteran, and has successfully designed, developed and launched many successful products on all major platforms.  Jeff has founded multiple successful companies in his tenure including the industry staple “Electronic Gaming Monthly” (EGM) in the 1980’s.  Most recently Jeff served almost 10 years at industry leader Electronic Arts as Studio Director and Executive Producer and has been recently featured by SyFy Games as part of their ICON series for overall contributions to the industry as a whole. Historically, he has also worked on such notable properties and franchises such as “Mortal Kombat”, “NBA Jam”, “Tetris”, “Monopoly”, and “Tiger Woods” and developed top selling products with Viacom, Disney, Amblin, Warner Bros., DC and Hasbro. He is currently SVP of the digital publishing group TapStar/iEntertainment and executive consultant to many development and publishing groups in the industry.  Lastly, he is also one of the co-founders of the non-profit entity, the Utah Digital Entertainment Network (UDEN), whose mission is to connect, inform and grow the local communities of our growing digital entertainment industry.  

TJ Dillashaw

UFC fighter, live via Skype!

Tyler Jeffrey Dillashaw was born and raised in the rural town of Angels Camp, California. TJ, 31, is the middle of three sons and at eight years old followed in his father 's footsteps and began his wrestling career. Wrestling soon became a focus and driving force in TJ's young life and he found great achievements through the sport early on. TJ joined the varsity wrestling team at Bret Harte High School his freshman year and went on to be a two time state medalist, placing 2nd in the state of California in 2004. These accolades lead to a full ride scholarship to California State University of Fullerton, where he went on to be a three-time Division 1 National Championship tournament qualifier and an athlete ranked top ten in the nation. Graduating from Cal State Fullerton in 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Clinical Exercise Science, TJ initially planned to pursue a career in the medical field before being introduced to Mixed Martial Arts by his former assistant wrestling coach, former UFC fighter Mark Munoz. Choosing to follow his athletic compass, TJ decided to dedicate himself to the sport of MMA and to full time training. In 2011 TJ was cast on the 14th Season of The Ultimate Fighter where he fought his way to the finals. The success on the television show lead to a contract in the UFC.

Mark Starks

Filmmaker and author

Starks is an award-winning filmmaker and author. He is creator of the "Martian" motion comic book series. Martian 2 was awarded "Best Sci Fi" at The Best Film Fest 2016. Mark is a frequent guest on many panels, most recently at Stan Lee's L.A. Comic Con. He is author of the biography Johnny Green and the Greenmen, also known as "The Little Green Men from Mars." Mark will be a panelist and signing at his booth - with lots of "Martian" freebies!

Warren Simons

Editor-In-Chief of Valiant Entertainment, live via Skype!

Warren Simons is the Editor-In-Chief of Valiant Entertainment. A leading creative voice in the comics community, Warren lead the relaunch of one of comics most beloved comic book character universes in 2012 quickly making Valiant the best reviewed publisher in the medium today while capturing multiple Harvey Awards and Publisher Of The Year Awards. Prior to his time at Valiant, Simons spent seven years at Marvel Comics where he worked on Invincible Iron Man, Immortal Iron Fist, Thor and Daredevil. 

Johnny Green & The Greenmen

Variety Band

Johnny Green and The Greenmen have performed for the President and First Lady of the United States, King Constantine of Greece, the Shah of Iran, with The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Bob Hope (USO). They are best known for their green hair, Johnny's fire-eating act, and their roles on the 1960's television series, BATMAN. Johnny also co-wrote the "Batman" theme song! Look for Johnny on two panels and at his booth, where he will sign copies of his biography. The band will perform Friday night during the Cosplay Party (Everyone welcome to attend - cosplay or no cosplay!)


Terry Redfield

Gaming Industry Expert, live via Skype!

Terry Redfield has always had a love affair with social media and video games. She started at age 15, helping to test and create content for text based online communities called BBSs, MUDs, and MOOs, until the birth of graphical virtual worlds called Massively Multiplayer Online Games or MMOs. She spent over 5 years immersed in one of the first MMO's, Everquest, leading and organizing over 300 users at a time for the test server design staff. 

After completing her Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design at San Jose State, she started her career in games at 3DO in 1996, and has designed and created art for AAA titles ranging from the highly stylized, award winning game "Psychonauts" to casual online projects like "vMTV" and Disney’s “Gardens of Time”. 

In 2009 she was the founder and CEO of the start up company, Real Life Plus, creating a comfortable synergy between casual games and real life goods.  In 2014 she founded the company Wicked Fun to create and explore a brand new genre of games, puzzle battlers.  In June 2015 Wicked Fun launched its first beta in this genre, “Force of Elements”.

Doug Haase

Haaseline Entertainment

Douglas Haase is an actor and executive of Haaseline Entertainment. Known for roles in Daredevil, Rat Race, Any Given Sunday, The Blue and the Gray TV mini-series and most recently bringing talent to Hardwick Aerodrome Documentary.  He is known for his ability to bring Entertainment into the world of Retail with numerous programs tied to X-Men, Hulk, Daredevil and most recently Valiant Entertainments Bloodshot and Harbinger. Oreo stacking was his biggest retail program and Quarterbacks of the Century featuring Dan Marino, Joe Montana and John Elway brought Sports marketing to the next level.

Haaseline Entertainment and CPG Product Placement LLC, have entered a consortium with MSMG & INX to form MSMGroup and have done an exclusive partnership with apparel marketing/sales with Valiant Entertainment. With a 5-movie deal with Sony Pictures the solid 3rd place comic company will move their products into the mainstream marketplace. Fandom growth continues to outpace any group in the market. 

Nick DiFabbio


Nick DiFabbio is a self-taught artist and comicer from Baltimore. When he’s not in the studio he’s on the road with his art. His web comic, My Sweet Wretch, is a sick and twisted journal comic that is strange and really funny with some incredible art.  

In 2006 he co-founded the live art competition known as Super Art Fight and is the designer / shopkeeper at Cherry Moth Cake.