Chaos Games Fireside Gathering

WILD Tournament Rules

3pm start time Sunday April 28th

  • $5.00 entry fee
  • ONE Wild Deck required 
  • SWISS style bracket
  • Best of 2 out of 3
  • Cash prize based on participants

Standard tournament rules

Start time between 3-5 pm (depends on interest in Wild)

  • $10.00 entry fee
  • THREE Standard decks for THREE DIFFERENT Heroes required 
  • SWISS style bracket
  • Best 2 out of 3 
  • IF you win with one deck, you automatically have to switch to a new deck
  • Cash prize based on participants 
  • We will also have Blizzard cards as door prizes! WE will randomly give these away. 

*** IF WE get 20 or more participants in either event, Chaos Games will add a $50.00 pot bonus to the prize pool!!! ***


All tournament sign ups will be completed the day of iMagicon at the Chaos Games booth.