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1 pm - TBA

4 pm - Colin Cantwell

Learn the concepts behind the ships for Star Wars from the very man who design them himself!

6 pm - Superheros Decoded: American Legends 

Movie showing. Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and beyond are the foundation of the modern superhero.

8:30 pm - Superheros Decoded: American Rebels
Movie showing. In America, sometimes being a hero means breaking the rules. From the beginning, superheroes like The Hulk, Black Panther, Iron Man and The X-Men have challenged authority.



12:30 pm - Bill Heinzen

​What Makes Epic Fantasy "Epic"?

What makes epic fantasy "epic"? What are the tricks of the trade when it comes to independently publishing your fantasy novel? William Heinzen, author of "Warrior of Light" (labeled "an epic adventure worth taking" by Kirkus indie) will present on writing and publishing in the fantasy genre.

2 pm - Colin Cantwell

What was it like to work with George Lucas on one of the most iconic film series? Learn this and more from the man who designed the ships in Star Wars.

4 pm - Ken Gerhard on Bigfoot
​For centuries, a multitude of Native American tribes have told of giant, hairy ‘wildmen’ who dwell deep in the wilderness. And since the 1920s, thousands of startling modern encounters with a similar creature called Sasquatch or Bigfoot have been documented. Iconic monsters in pop culture, these beings are said to stand seven to nine–feet tall, to possess features between man and ape… and also to leave behind enormous footprints. But, could Bigfoot really exist? Ken Gerhard has been investigating the mystery for over four decades and has traveled all over the continent – from Alaska to Central America interviewing eyewitnesses and searching for evidence. In this riveting presentation, Ken will discuss the key points of this enduring phenomenon, and will also present the best evidence that these manlike ‘monsters’ really do exist.

8:30 pm - Wonder Woman showing, panel room


1 pm - Colin Cantwell

Learn the concepts behind the ships for Star Wars from the very man who design them himself!

3 pm - Ken Gerhard on Mothman
During the 1960s, a sleepy West Virginia town was terrorized by encounters with an unknown creature that seemingly stepped right out of a science fiction movie. Dubbed the “Mothman” by the newspapers, this giant, manlike monster was said to possess bat-like wings and huge, glowing red eyes that had a hypnotic effect on humans. Chasing cars at speeds of over 100 MPH, Mothman’s legacy includes real-life Men in Black, UFOs and an ominous curse that led to a horrific tragedy. Ken Gerhard has authored a book on the Mothman and other weird flying humanoids around the world. He has investigated the mystery on television shows like Monster Quest and also William Shatner’s Weird or What. What was the Mothman – Extraterrestrial? Demon? Mutant? You decide​