2020 Panel Guests

2019 Panel Guests
• David Barclay, Master Puppeteer & Animatronic Designer
• Bob Hall, Marvel Comics Artist

• Jem Kadetchy, Professional Cosplayer & Costume Maker

• BBDesign Cosplay, Professional Cosplayer

 2018 Panel Guests
• Colin Cantwell, Star Wars Star Ship Creator
• Ken Gerhardt, Cryptozoologist

2017 Panel Guests
• Warren Simons, Editor-In-Chief of Valiant Entertainment
• Eliot Rahal, Valiant Comic Book Writer

• Douglas Haase, Haaseline Entertainment

• Michael Sellers, Producer and editor

• Mark Starks, Filmaker and author

• Jeff Peters, Gaming Industry Expert

• TJ Dillashaw, UFC fighter

• Terry Redfield, Gaming Industry Expert

• Rafer Roberts, Valiant writer

• 1960s Batmobile!

• Johnny Green (& The Greenmen), variety band from 1960s Batman series

 • Nick DiFabbio, artist

2016 Panel Guests
• Margot Kidder, actress (Lois Lane in 1978 Superman)

• Deanna "Beetlecat" Petro, fursuit designer

• Christopher Jones, DC, Marvel Comics artist; cofounder CONvergence

• Tom Fleming, Illustrator (comics, Magic The Gathering) and WWE costume designer

• Dave DeVries, Marvel/DC Comics Illustrator; creator of The Monster Engine

• Nick DiFabbio, Artist, Super Art Fight and Cherry Moth Cake

• Lynn Boughey, Co-Author of Harry Potter and The Art of Spying

• Nick DiFabbio, artist

2015 Panel Guests

Warren Simons, Editor-In-Chief of Valiant Entertainment

• Kim Holbrook, True Time Paranormal Investigations
• Douglas Haase, Haaseline Entertainment
• Lexee Crystal, Author/Illustrator of Samarakan

• Eric Thoemke & Matthew Maldonado, ND Strong

• Adam Dyess, MightCouldDo Entertainment