Prize will be cash value based on attendance to each event. Entry fee will go directly to prize pool. Chaos Games will also be adding $100 bonus to the prize pool. Payouts are cash; percentage-based 50/30/10/5 if >24 players. 60/30/10 if >8 players. 80/20 if <8 players

Entry Fee

  • $10/person per tournament, pot split among winners. NOTE: Players must bring own controllers or can rent for $5/tournment

Hotel rooms

Hotel rooms can be secured at a discounted rate through the Holiday Inn Riverside (where iMagicon/Smash Bros tournament is being held). Simply call the hotel at 701-852-2504 and mention "iMagicon" to get a reduced rate of $79/night or click here to reserve online.

Wii U Rules

  • Controller Settings: All controllers are legal. Gamecube controller rental is $5 and can be rented through the Tournament Organizer.
  • 2/3 until Semifinals. All Semifinals and above matches are 3/5
  • Stock count set to 2, time limit set to 6 minutes.
  • Custom Mii characters are banned.

Stage Selection

Beginning stage will be determined by “striking.” To strike stages, one player (chosen at random, RPS, dice roll, etc.) selects a stage they do not want to play on from the list of starting stages. Their opponent does the same, but strikes 2. This will leave an option of 2 stages to choose from, and the first player will choose which of those 2 to play on.

Starter stages are the following:

  • Final Destination/Palutena’s Temple Omega
  • Battlefield/Miiverse
  • Smashville
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Town & City

Counterpick stage is as follows:

  • Dreamland

Stage Ban

  • The winning player may select one stage of the legal available stages that they do not want to play on. This stage may not be selected by the player who lost last to play the next game.
  • A player may select a stage they have personally banned to play on later in the set.

Character Selection

  • After a stage has been selected by the losing player, the winner of the previous game may opt to change their character. After their character has been selected, the winning player may opt to then change their character. Afterwards, a game is played on the selected stage.​

TL; DR On Playing A Set

  • Pick Characters
  • Pick Stage
  • Winner bans stage, Loser picks stage
  • Play game
  • Repeat until 2/3 or 3/5 is completed, depending on tournament progression

Smash Bros Tournament