Would you like to be involved with the April 27-29, 2018 iMagicon convention? Do you have a product to sell that is in theme with pop culture, comic books, gaming or fandoms? Are you an artist that would like to be involved with our Artist Alley? Or maybe you simply want to host a gaming tournament or activity at the event.

1. A description of the product you'll be selling or promoting

2. Any interactive demonstrations you would like to have at the booth

3. If any of the products are handmade or original

4. Your store name and location

Move in for vendors is 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday, April 26, 2018, at the Holiday Inn, Minot ND. Convention hours run from 11 a.m.-12 a.m. (midnight) April 27-28 and will run 11 am-6 pm, Sunday April 29. Vendors may bring a team to ensure their booths will be staffed during the convention. Vendors will be given vendor passes for access to the event.  


The following terms and conditions are applicable to all vendor applications. Vendors who submit an application hereby agree to the terms and conditions. 

Booth Rental: 

Activity/Info booth - $60, includes 8x10 space; 1 table; 2 chairs; wi-fi, access to 110 power, pipe & drape, 3 vendor passes into the event. No sales allowed.

Artist Alley - $60, for artists only selling paintings and drawings; 8x10 ft space; 1 table; 2 chairs;  wi-fi, access to 110 power, pipe & drape, 2 vendor passes

• Collector's booth/ Handmade items - $100, for individuals (who are not a business) selling and trading their own personal collections (such as comics, sports cards, magic, etc) or who handmake their own items; includes 8x10 space; 1 table; 2 chairs; wi-fi, access to 110 power, pipe & drape, 2 vendor passes

Single booth- $150, includes 8x10 ft space; 1 table; 2 chairs;  wi-fi, access to 110 power, pipe & drape, 3 vendor passes

Double booth- $225, includes 8 x 20 ft space; 2 tables; 2 chairs; wi-fi, access to 110 power, pipe & drape, 4 vendor passes

Triple booth - $350, includes 8 x 30 ft space; 4 tables; 4 chairs;  wi-fi, access to 110 power, pipe & drape, 6 vendor passes

Booth Upgrades: Signage ($50), table clothes ($10) and skirting ($20) may be rented for an additional cost. Additional vendor passes required for your booth may be purchased at a reduced rate of $15 per worker.

Signage: By renting a booth, iMagicon offers discount vinyl, grommeted banners for your booth area for an additional $50. All orders must be placed with iMagicon by March 1, 2018, if opting to use our program. Your booth banner is created and ordered by iMagicon for your business and iMagicon will deliver the banner to your booth area to be hung. If you want a banner created for you, please order your banner through our registration system and email a high resolution logo (EPS or PDF preferred) to info@imagiconnd.com with your booth name in the subject line. If you do not have a logo of your business - or if artwork is too small to be usable, iMagicon will just use your company name on the banner.

Restricted Sales: iMagicon retains the right to sell t-shirts, apparel, and items bearing the iMagicon name & logo. Holiday Inn retains the right to sell food and beverages. The sales of these items will not be permitted except for those with written authorization. 

Sales & tax: iMagicon will not take commission on sales generated at the April 27-29, 2018 convention. Rock on! Vendors are responsible for all sales transactions and must bring their own cash box/credit card system. Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying 7.5% North Dakota State Sales Tax. To apply for a North Dakota Sales & Use Permit, please visit: https://apps.nd.gov/tax/tap/_/.  For more information on Sales & Use, please visit: www.nd.gov/tax

Refunds: No refunds will be issued for withdrawal after acceptance, or in the event of bad weather.

Advance registration: Vendors must register in advance and all rental fees paid with application. A NSF check will constitute automatic cancellation of invitation. 

Use of iMagicon logo: Vendors wishing to use iMagicon's name and logo in connection with business must gain permission and enter into a signed license agreement with iMagicon before using. 

Liabilities: iMagicon and The Holiday Inn - Riverside shall be held harmless from and against any and all liabilities, suits, claims, damages, injuries and action, costs and expenses of any kind or nature of anyone whatsoever relating to premises due to or arising out of any act, negligence, or neglect of the vendor, any of its employees, members, guests, agents or invitees. The vendor is responsible to set up and maintain the display so as no threat or nuisance is made to the public.

Hours of Operation: Vendors must agree to stay open for business throughout the convention. Vending hours are 11 am to 8 pm, April 27-28 and 11 am-6 pm, April 29, with exception to activity booths who may register to stay open later until midnight. We understand this can be a long day, but please staff your booth accordingly so it remains open at all times but yet, gives workers time to take breaks.

Passes: Vendor passes will be issued at no cost. Pass numbers are calculate by the booth space being purchased. Additional passes required may be purchased at a reduced rate of $15 per worker.

iMagicon Vendors